I thought this may be interesting to a few, and certainly more lighthearted than normal.

I started going to gym about 7 years ago for the first time in my life. Before this, I never did anything overtly physical aside from casually riding my bike. As I started getting older, I definitely noticed that my energy levels were dropping as well, and late nights at Bungie began taking a larger toll on me.

Now, after all these years of keeping up with the gym, I’m a big believer in keeping fit, since it benefits not only the body but the mind as well. At 43, I’m more healthy and fit now than I have been since my teens! This is a necessary thing since many of the folks at Bungie, who are much younger, are also doing a great job of staying fit, so I have to do whatever I can to compete!

I’ll do the Spartacus v1 and v2, or the 300 workout 3 days a week (because I love the idea of wielding sword and shield against unimaginable monsters or the bazillion new Bungie employees lurking about the office with wooden swords – Hah!) and run 4-5 miles on the in-between days (because I truly love running through a giant world full of places to explore). It took a while to work up to this kind of strenuous cardio, so I need some goofy stuff on my headphones to push me.

I’m a total nerd who loves both good and really terrible sci-fi/fantasy movies, and I love the soundtracks even more. Here’s a typical playlist that I just put on random to keep me going:

Animus Vox                                 Glitch Mob
Arc Reaktor                                  Iron Man Soundtrack
Driving With the Top Down           Iron Man Soundtrack
Fireman                                         Iron Man Soundtrack
Mark I                                            Iron Man Soundtrack
Mark II                                           Iron Man Soundtrack
Merchant of Death                        Iron Man Soundtrack
Trinkets to Kill a Prince                Iron Man Soundtrack
The Avengers                               The Avengers Soundtrack
Helicarrier                                    The Avengers Soundtrack
The Battle                                    Gladiator Soundtrack
The Might of Rome                       Gladiator Soundtrack
Come and Get Them                    300 Soundtrack
A God King Bleeds                       300 Soundtrack
Fever Dream                                 300 Soundtrack
The Hot Gates                               300 Soundtrack
To Victory                                      300 Soundtrack
The Wolf                                       300 Soundtrack
Derezzed                                       TRON LEGACY R3CONFIGUR3D
End Of Line                                   TRON LEGACY R3CONFIGUR3D
Fall                                                 TRON LEGACY R3CONFIGUR3D
Myotis                                            Batman Begins Soundtrack
Enterprising Young Men                Star Trek Soundtrack
Nailin’ the Kelvin                            Star Trek Soundtrack

There ya go. A little insight into my weird world.