In response to kappus III on his question about staying spontaneous:

I think there is a very real risk of us experienced developers getting stuck in ruts with the familiar old tricks that give proven results. It’s like going to the gym and doing the same exercises every day. After a while, you stop doing anything effective for your body, because it has gotten so used to your routine. If we follow that path too rigidly, we risk feeling too confident in what we can do. Then, we’ll find ourselves staggering behind the competition.

What I like to do is turn things upside down, nuke and pave and start something totally different to smack me into looking at a project differently. How about stepping into different shoes within a project, do something where you are unsure of your capability, or change scenes by changing genres altogether. These kinds of things give you a workout that creates new skills and indirectly improve all your others.

That’s one part of it. Another is finding and hiring new talent that helps bring fresh perspective to your team. Always listen to everyone, even the contract employee who is still in school. They bring new energy without preconception and have valuable things to contribute. They help you stay on your toes.

Lastly, stay young (at least in your head) and have fun. I still feel like a kid, especially with what I get to do for a living. If I can stay fit at work, keep listening to those around me and channel that inner kid whenever I’m tackling a rough problem to solve, I think I have a fighting chance of doing something spontaneous.

I hope you can too!