We will not be moving to CA after all.

I was very excited about the job down in CA, and what it had to offer. However, the prospects of moving were proving too great for the family.

We had, at times, been excited about relocation, but the realities surrounding the move and the impact of what we’d be leaving behind is something that had been slowly pulling the family apart since I accepted the position. The seriousness of it goes far beyond what I think is just a fear of change. It involved the many compromises we would have to make that will change our lives permanently.

The kids and their school along with our home and the community are two parts of this relocation that have continually become clearer just how much they mean to us as a family – especially since I took the position and began the process of pulling up the roots around us.

To make matters tougher, the family is not all super excited about a move to CA, because most of what they have seen regarding homes and neighborhoods has revealed too many compromises compared to what they already have right here. We made multiple trips down to find a home and eventually landed on one of the very few available that might work, but in hindsight know that we rushed into making a decision for where our family would settle and what school the kids would go to.

I haven’t been forthcoming with you all about the seriousness of this because I’ve been struggling so much with trying to convince everyone, even myself, that this move will be a great experience and the start of a new journey. My family sees the benefits for me and my career, but cannot see the real benefits for themselves and how their lives will change and I don’t blame them.

It got serious enough that I couldn’t justify asking them to make this move. Of course, I can’t leave without them, so we will stay here together.

Thanks for putting up with us and our crazy little mini-adventure we described to you.

Things are already getting back to normal and we’ll pick back up where we left off here in the Pacific NW – our home.