Here I was focused on a new game with a grand plan about how it could be made. Building a team and getting something started from nothing is very tough, but not impossible.

I worked at it and met with lots of people. Investors got interested, but most are too afraid of anything other than F2P games. So, that’s all they wanted. Me, I respect F2P and even developed some game designs around it, but I don’t believe they are good for the industry as a whole.

At the same time this was coming to a head, another call came requesting that I consider a job. After a ton of thought and deliberation, I’ve decided to take up an offer that I couldn’t turn down and that I’m genuinely excited about.

I know many of you will be pissed that I’ve abandoned the path I started to take as an indie developer. I don’t blame you.

But, this will be a new journey full of unknowns, challenges and great victories I hope. I’m ready to do this and to blaze a new trail.

So, I’m packing up the family and we’re moving. Probably the most stressful decision I’ve had to make in the last 15 years.

I’ll let you know more about where I’m heading when I can – a few more months from now.

Until then, wish us luck. Believe me, moving with teens requires it!


Then – everything changed…