It’s been almost 5 months since I left Bungie, and I’m finally back in the swing of things creatively. I stress creatively, since I was certainly doing things since September of last year, but there’s this magic moment for me when clarity begins to ring true. It happened about 5 months after I left Bungie the first time back in 2011 – but then went back and started working on a new game prototype, and it took about the same amount of time for it to happen now after I left again – for the last possible time.

But, during those months after leaving and decompressing, I started to feel like I had lost my ability to think of creative ideas. It’s so strange how a void can exist like that. I was working on game ideas the entire time, but none of them stood out as anything worth pursuing.

And then it hits. After this period of time where I almost shut things down and get settled into a life of semi-retirement, it’s like a flood gate is opened and I can’t stop what starts coming out of it. This is a time when I write and sketch constantly. I also go out and gather information like an animal storing food for a long winter. It’s incredibly fun and tremendously reassuring to know that something up in this old bald head still works.

Weirdly, one of the most lucrative creative times is when I’m sleeping at night. The amount of problem solving that happens during sleep is bizarre. So, I often wake up in the middle of night with a solution to some part of my new game concept and I sit there awake for an hour or more just continue to work out the problem. Then, I’m ready to hit the road running in the morning with this new found solution.

So far, I’ve got a good chunk of fiction for a brand new universe developed, most of the game mechanic ideas worked out, and I’ve even started building one of the key new characters. It’s like building the Master Chief again. I built him 9 times over to get him right when starting Halo many years back. I’m sure I’ll do the same with my new character.

I’ll keep you all filled in with the game process as I go along. Not sure when I’ll have something I can or should show.